The Magic Kitty                

In November 1998, I went to the Hagenburger Animal shelter to look for kittens. They were closed for lunch, but my helper Shelly heard something and went to investigate. I saw her open a tiny box and watched as her face became soft, and she quickly brought the box to me, as she moved closer to me, I too heard the unmistakable meows of an extremely loud kitten! I looked into the box, I was very surprised to see a kitten that had been taken from its mother and siblings probably four weeks too soon. Before I could verbalize my thoughts, the shelter opened and we decided to go in to see what they would say.  The lady looked her over, and said she was very young but healthy, and since she was not yet in the system that I could take her for free.  She put her in a cardboard carry box, and told me to get her fixed when it was time.


On the way home we stopped at a pet store to get crate, litter pan, kitten milk, and a couple cat toys. I decided to name her Magic because of the way she magically appeared right on the day I went kitten hunting. She was so little that her huge ears and feet made for a comical sight. The first few weeks, Magic stumbled about like she had Cerebral Palsy. But she soon grew out of the awkward state.



She must have been born stubborn! I had never had a cat that was so headstrong and stubborn! She would decide to do something or wanted something, and by gosh she was going for it! For instance the day I had my assistant Tina cook a whole chicken, Magic went mad, howling at the oven. Then while Tina cut it up, Magic kept jumping up on the table.  At that time, I was living in a studio apartment, while waiting for a section 8 voucher, so I had furniture against furniture, and Magic took advantage of this. While I was eating dinner, Magic climbed up numerous times, and she was still small, so with one hand, I would set her back down on the floor. After doing this about 25 times, Tina and I looked at each other and laughed, wondering what I had gotten myself into.



I tried to get her interested in balls, but she didn’t seem interested in playing fetch. Several days later, I watched in surprise as Magic drank a bit of my juice and then removed my straw and proceeded to bring it to me. I looked at her in amusement, and took it and threw it for her. Sure enough, she fetched it and brought it back to me. I decided to put all my drinks in exercise type bottles since she showed a liking for my juices as well as my straws! On a different day I found some other balls at the pet store that she liked. They were soft, fuzzy, and glittery and she LOVED them! We would play fetch for the two hours I watched Oprah and then the news.



Magic would often sleep in my lap as I worked on my computer.  Then as she got older, she took up residence on my huge 90 lb. monitor to watch my screen saver, trying to catch the fish as they moved across the screen. She was extremely playful but it had to be interactive with her mama.  She loved my minty mouthwash, cantaloupe, and teriyaki chicken!  I later discovered that cat nip is in the mint family, so that was interesting. She got herself into trouble all the time, but one of the most memorable was when she leaped so high that she got her front claws into the top of the bathroom door! I had to think of how to get her down. I got a big pillow and encouraged her to let go of the door, eventually she did and landed safely on the pillow.



Of course she did the cat thing of waking me each morning when I finally let her sleep with me. I felt her walking on my tummy, then sitting and meowing on my chest.  I pretended not to hear, knowing that if I responded, she would wake me like this every morning. She eventually lay down on my chest and went to sleep. The next morning she again meowed, again I lay quietly. She walked up to my chin and rubbed her head there. Then she patted my face with her paw. I gave her some love, and she purred peacefully.  She got up and began meowing. I pretended not to hear. This went on for two more days, and we settled into a routine of her getting up to my face, and patting my face with her paw.  If she got pushy by licking my arm, I would push her off me.  This lasted right up to her last day. 



Magic, I miss you! I miss looking at your cute pink nose, and those green eyes.  The target circle on both sides of your body may have stretched out over the years, but you had such beautiful markings, and each hair had many colors. I remember looking up some of your funny quirks; for instance, playing fetch, and liking certain foods. Yep, you were a true American shorthair silver tabby, for they share many similar quirks.  I always wondered how your pure white belly and chest never got dirty.


I miss hearing your cranky voice when I come home from being out. I miss seeing you out on the balcony, and I am sorry the enclosure had to be taken down several weeks before you got so sick. I will treasure the memory of when I said you could come out on the balcony, and wished I would have done that more often, but remember the weather was cold and nasty.  


My dear little girl, when I realized you would be leaving us for the rainbow bridge, I slept with you in my lap in the recliner many a night, it was important to me that we both be comfortable while together.  


I am sorry I didn’t catch your stomach issues sooner.  I miss my lap-warmer when I am watching TV, I miss not seeing you or Marigold in a bed next to the computer.  I miss your way of demanding attention by insisting it was lap time when my helpers get me into my PJ’s. Lambkins misses you waking up at 11 every night to say: “Mama, get off that stupid computer, give the dog her treat, take your meds, and then it’s time to be in your lap!”



I Love you forever, Magic. I hope you’re having fun with Marigold, Sugar, Annie, Boo, Luna, Nicky, the elkhounds, and my daddy! I know you’re not in pain anymore, and that is best thing. But you know if I could come up and be with all of you, I would. The time has not yet come. I need to learn things, and grow too. When the time is right we will meet again soon. I hold great love for you and Marigold in my heart. Both of you were so special!  



Your mama Tamar