You’ll find me wheeling around town

Writing notes on where sidewalks

Turn my chariot upside down.

You’ll find me on the Internet,

Writing letters too numerous to name,

It’s all part of the advocacy game,

The advocacy game: don’t fix the dame,

She’s not to blame.


I’m fighting for our civil rights,

To lead self-determined lives,

We can be supported or independent,

Or like the rest of society, interdependent,

Our lives are as varied as the rest of society,

There is great variety;

Sinners, saviors, actors, lovers, bakers,

We are not as different as you might think.

We have the same need for

Love, grace, romance and yes, even sex.


Each life has value, each life has beauty,

Like pearls harvested in the sea,

Every human being holds a

Different key to the door of life,

For some, life holds more strife,

For others, it may appear they walk a smooth path,

But we never know what they encounter internally.


The door of life opens with promise when we are born, 

And takes each of us down our unique path,

Sometimes the path becomes obstructed or torn,

Sometimes we discover they key no longer fits,

                                    So we find new keys, and discover new paths,

But now the doors are open, and we’re free,

So, you’ll find me dancing to a lento,

A dance of proud self-determination

Sweetly, slowly, turning my chariot,

A dance of life and self-determination.


Tamar Raine